Biodegradable & Eco Friendly Chemicals makes sense

Whatever type of chemicals one uses, it finally goes to the soil or the river or the sea. Each having inhabitants of their own. At KKE we are conscious of making chemicals which degenerate faster and go back to nature soon, thereby making them Environmentaly Friendly.

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KKE Chemicals : Who we are ?

KKE Chemicals is a part of KKE Group which sells technology products across 40 countries around the world. KKE Chemicals again is an innovation in the cleaning chemical technology where the chemicals are bio degradable and eco friendly. KKE Chemicals is an ISO 9001 certified company.

Product Range

We  have an exciting product range which are very effective. Have a look at our entire product range find what suits you the best.

Join Hands

We are looking for Channel partners across the globe for our specialty chemicals.  Eco Friendly chemicals like ours have a huge demand everywhere in the world.

Private Label

We provide private labeling services and also manufacture on contract basis for bulk requirements.

Industries we serve

We have numerous products built specifically for each industry. Find the chemicals required by your industry, industry wise.

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